Netflix is gearing up for the highly anticipated return of Squid Game, the global sensation that took the streaming world by storm in September 2021. With Season 2 set to premiere in 2024 and filming commencing in July 2023, fans eagerly anticipate another chapter of the dystopian thriller.

The first glimpse into Squid Game 2 offers a thrilling sneak peek featuring riveting images that heighten excitement. Lee Jung Jae’s shocked expression bathed in red lighting, Lee Byung Hun unmasking, Gong Yoo meeting Lee Jung Jae, and Park Gyu Young deciphering a clue hinting at intense and dramatic moments to come.


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The original cast, led by Lee Jung Jae, is set to reunite, and new talents like Lee Byung Hun, Gong Yoo, and Wi Ha Joon will join the ensemble.

Netflix’s most-watched series

The groundbreaking series, known for its gripping survival drama, garnered widespread acclaim and set a historic milestone on Netflix.

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Within 28 days of its release, Squid Game accumulated an unprecedented 1.65 billion hours of viewing time, solidifying its status as the platform’s most-watched series.

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Global cultural phenomenon

Beyond accolades, Squid Game transcended borders, becoming a global cultural phenomenon.

Squid Game’s influence on the global awards scene and cultural panorama establishes it as a pioneer in non-English language content, making a lasting impression on the television landscape.

As fans await further details, the glimpse into Squid Game 2 has sparked widespread anticipation for the return of this groundbreaking and historic moment in entertainment history.