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Family of PTE Lee denies receiving compensation – Asks MINDEF to reveal how much compensation was offered




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The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) in their clarification on the death of PTE Dominique Sarron Lee said:
“MINDEF and the SAF have been extending help to PTE Lee’s family throughout this period, and remain committed to assisting and providing support to the family. Since the incident, welfare grants have been disbursed, and an offer of compensation has been made to the family, based on the full extent allowed by the compensation legislation. To respect privacy and maintain confidentiality, compensation amounts are not disclosed, but are generally two to four times that of amounts provided under the Work Injury Compensation Act for incidents arising from training and operations.”
The family of the dead soldier in a Facebook post however, have clarified that they have not accepted nor received any compensation from MINDEF. Addressing the members of the public, the family said:
“[…]we would like to clarify that to date, we have not accepted nor received any compensation from MINDEF/SAF for Dominique’s untimely demise. The family has repeatedly rejected offers from MINDEF/SAF to discuss monetary compensation. We have only accepted a funeral grant to defray the cost of the funeral, on the same day Dominique was sent back home in a coffin. This grant, according to the SAF, is not part of the compensation.”
The family has also said that MINDEF has its permission to reveal to the public the compensation that the Ministry had intended to offer the family.
That will tell all Singaporeans “how much the life of a promising young man is worth to MINDEF,” the family said in its post.
Soon after the NSF’s death, the family and some friends dedicated a song to remember the young man.
“Dom (also known as superflydom to his friends) died while serving his country during National Service, but his legacy lives on within those whose lives he touched. This is a dedication to a young man who gave so much to everyone,” the family said.
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