SINGAPORE: In what has been perceived as a gesture of goodwill and continuity, former Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, has shared a video of her successor Loo Tze Lui, the wife of newly appointed Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, on social media.

The video, by, covers Ms Loo’s background and her career running a single family office after years in the banking sector. The video also covered details from her personal life, highlighting how she is the new PM’s second wife and that the couple have no children.

Ms Loo, who has largely maintained a low public profile, has now been thrust into the spotlight alongside her husband. Her recent public appearances have evoked a wave of admiration online, with many praising her elegance and beauty.

Touching on these reactions, the video stated: “Whenever she appears in public, she awes the crowd with her elegance and grace.”

Mdm Ho, who is notorious for going on Facebook sharing sprees daily, shared the video featuring Ms Loo without comment but her reshare has been perceived as a symbol of the seamless transition between administrations, by some Singaporeans online.

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The public reaction to Mdm Ho’s post has been positive, garnering close to 150 likes and loves on Facebook. Some observers on internet forums have praised the gesture as a promising sign of stability and continuity in Singapore politics.