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Dr Chee meets elderly resident whose family lives on 2 meals per day because he is unable to withdraw CPF savings

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The man who is in his 60's couldn't work because of an illness but the CPF board refused to release any funds for his sustenance. He had to rely on charity organisations instead

During their walkabout and breakfast with Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Dr Chee Soon Juan, residents of Bukit Batok spoke to him about their concerns, with issues of their CPF funds and the influx of skilled foreigners being at the forefront.

Dr Chee said that he spoke to two elderly residents who conveyed that because they were unable to make CPF withdrawals, they had to continue working despite wanting to retire.

He wrote, “One resident in his early 60s told me that he had S$247k in his CPF but couldn’t withdraw his funds. He had worked for 42 years, and now when he wants to retire he can’t because he cannot get back his retirement savings. As a result, he has to continue working.

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Another resident, also in his 60s, said that for two years he couldn’t work because of an illness. He was in a desperate situation and wrote to the CPF Board to release him some funds for his sustenance. CPF refused. He had to seek help from charity organisations to feed his family and continue paying the bills. They cut down their meals to twice a day”.

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Dr Chee promised: I will not only run your estate better, more transparently and more productively than the PAP MP, but I will also carry your voices and your difficulties with me into Parliament.

He added, “BB residents need an MP who will be more than just pai swee, for display only”.

Murali Pillai currently helms Bukit Batok Single Member Constituency (SMC). /TISG

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