Dispatch has disclosed a romantic involvement between aespa’s Karina and renowned actor Lee Jae Wook.

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, the relationship blossomed at Prada’s fashion show on Jan 14, where the two spent time together.

Photo: Instagram/Karina

Despite their hectic schedules with filming and aespa’s performances, they managed to share moments in both Seoul and Milan, Italy.

The connection between them appears to have ignited instantly, as insiders suggest they fell in love at the fashion show.

Even with Karina currently residing in Aespa’s dorm, the couple finds time for dates, often meeting in Lee Jae Wook’s neighbourhood, with sightings near his house late at night.

No comment from agencies

SM Entertainment and C-JeS Studios have not issued statements regarding Dispatch’s report.

Lee Jae Wook, born May 10, 1998, is a rapidly rising South Korean actor and model. He debuted in the 2018-2019 sci-fi thriller “Memories of the Alhambra” and gained prominence in 2019 with the office romance drama “Search: WWW.”

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Projects like the melodrama “When The Weather Is Fine” (2020), the school fantasy “Extraordinary You” (2019), and the war film “The Battle of Jangsari” (2019) demonstrate his range.

He received accolades such as the “Excellent Actor” award for “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” (2020) at the KBS Drama Awards and the “Best New Actor” award for “Extraordinary You” at the MBC Drama Awards in 2019.

Leader of aespa

Karina, born Yu Ji-min on April 11, 2000, is a prominent South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer, leading the K-pop girl group aespa.

She trained under SM Entertainment for several years before debuting with aespa on Nov 17, 2020, with the digital single “Black Mamba.”

In 2022, she joined the SM supergroup Got the Beat alongside other female artists from the agency. In 2023, she released the solo single “Sad Waltz” for the Netflix series “Song of the Bandits,” showcasing her diverse musical capabilities.