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Diner’s dilemma: How am I going to eat vegetable rice without rice?

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The diner's rice was not fully cooked so he asked: "how am I going to eat vegetables rice without rice????”

SINGAPORE: A family recently had not just one negative experience but two when they went out to dinner in Hougang. Mr Simon Ong took to the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (Sept 18) to say that he and his wife and two children had gone to Block 401 Hougang that night for dinner.

First, he was upset that the meal cost S$30. However, if that wasn’t bad enough, the rice with their meal was not fully cooked. When Mr Ong informed the stall staff, they refunded him S$3. The question is how am I going to eat vegetables rice without rice and only eat vegetables and meat????” he wrote.

He included a number of photos with his post, including what appeared to be more than one meat dish, two vegetable dishes, and a seafood dish. At the end of the meal, a lot of rice was still on their plates.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Ong for further comment or updates.

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Mr Ong’s issue with his family’s dinner is just the latest in a long line of complaints from netizens about rice meals, including cai png, or economy rice.

Earlier this month, a woman was shocked to see a cockroach on the duck rice she ordered at Bukit Timah Market Food Centre.

A TikTok user also recently received some attention after he tried the $16 fried rice at the “worst-rated restaurant” in Singapore and said that the eatery did not deserve 1.8 stars on Google reviews.

And like Mr Ong, other netizens have been shocked at high food prices.

One diner balked at being charged $38 for two packets of mutton briyani plus an additional charge of $1.90 for packing. Another felt bad about paying more than $6 for simple 2-meat-1-veg mixed rice or cai png.

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Over on Reddit, a woman who ordered cai png “felt scammed” when she was “strangely charged” $10.10.

She wrote, “I was charge(d) $10.1 for above cai png at commonwealth mrt stn Kou Fu. I immediately felt scammed. But what happened next was just mind-boggling.”

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“Upon questioning, the aunty told me that fried rice costs $2, the two veggie costs $1.7 each, the kung pao chicken costs $2 and the pork with tau pok costs $4, which adds up to $11.4. So at this point, I feel the aunty is just anyhow inflating the price of each dish so she can justify charging me the insane amount.”

“Do you guys also encounter this? Who can I talk to about this strange behaviour? I didn’t see any contact number on the stall itself,” she asked fellow Reddit users. /TISG

Woman shocked to see “cockroach on duck rice” at Bukit Timah Market Food Centre

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