SINGAPORE: Healthcare equipment supplier Osim has apologised after Singaporeans online censured a Mother’s Day store display as size-shaming women and even encouraging domestic violence.

A netizen shared a picture of a product in the OSIM store on the Singapore subreddit on Sunday (5 May). The picture features a signboard saying, “Beat her belly bulge”, beside a row of slimming belts.

The display quickly led to outrage online, with many asking how such a campaign was approved. One Reddit user wrote: “Ah, good! Mother’s Day encourages domestic violence, plus some physical insults.”

Another commenter said the ad’s language was disgusting and degrades women who have gone through childbirth.

“Why shame a woman or mother’s body? Especially after the physical changes they go through and the most painful experience (childbirth).

There’s nothing wrong with having a tummy, and not everyone can afford a personal trainer or postpartum exercise course.”

Osim has since apologized for the “oversight” and said it was replacing all displays in stores and online. The advertising slogan inside and outside the mall will be gradually updated starting today (7 May).

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Osim Singapore assistant general manager Adelle Tan said:

“We are aware that the wording and tone of our slogans in our recent Mother’s Day campaign have caused discomfort and dissatisfaction among some members of the public, and we sincerely apologize for this oversight.”

She added that Osim never intended to encourage negative feelings or ill-will towards women, let alone mothers. “We all have a lot of respect for them,” Ms Tan clarified.