The race for the White House’s No. 2 man is heating up as Trump VP contenders hit the Sunday show circuit after a weekend in the spotlight at Trump’s Florida estate.

The discussions echoed Trump’s skepticism about election results and criticism of President Biden’s handling of campus protests.

Among the notable figures making appearances were South Carolina Governor Kristi Noem, who faced criticism over her farming anecdote, and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, who linked campus unrest to Biden’s leadership on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Stefanik emphasized Republican values of peace and security, while Rubio on “Fox News Sunday” labeled Biden as “weak” and “feeble,” suggesting visa revocation for international students involved in defacing statues.

Meanwhile, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott accused Biden of pandering to his base on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” emphasizing the delayed condemnation of antisemitism.

Biden’s recent comments addressing the unrest came after a period of relative silence, drawing criticism from Trump’s potential deputies. Scott refrained from committing to accept election results regardless of the winner, echoing Trump’s insistence on fairness.

The VP contenders

Burgum, a briefly declared candidate for the GOP presidential nomination and independently affluent, has actively supported Trump in New Hampshire and shared Easter brunch with Trump and their spouses.

Rubio, another former opponent of Trump, has also garnered praise from certain Republicans close to the former president for his composed defense of him on television. Rubio also maintains strong connections with GOP financiers, including some who have reservations about Trump.

Noem, facing scrutiny over her book’s controversial anecdotes, defended herself on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” addressing errors and clarifications. Once a top choice, now faces diminished prospects, according to reports.

As the VP sweepstakes continue, the political landscape remains charged with echoes of past controversies and future uncertainties.

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