SINGAPORE: After a diner felt that he had been overcharged for a meal at a mixed vegetable stall, he asked for the receipt from the attendant. However, the elderly man who runs the stall did not only refuse his request, but the diner claimed that the uncle also scolded him.

The diner, who goes by Lim Francis on Facebook, wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Sunday (Apr 17) that he had gone to the stall at COOK HOUSE by Koufu in Velocity Novena Square at 1 pm the day before.

I ordered fish and chicken thigh and asked for their prices prior to ordering. I was informed that the fish cost $3 and the chicken thigh cost $3.5, and I agreed to these prices. And added baikut vege with rice which may be about $5/6 more to my calculation.”

To his surprise, the total amount he was charged was $15, so he only received $35 in change from the $50 he paid.

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However, when he asked for a receipt, “the elderly man running the stall refused to provide one and even scolded me for not asking for one earlier,” Mr Lim added.

“I am extremely disappointed with the service I received from this stall. It is clear to me that the stall holder is dishonest and trying to overcharge customers. I hope future customers do not fall victim to the same dishonest practices.”

He went on to ask, “What do u think of this stall have u all expericed the same thing?” tagging Velocity Novena Square and Koufu SG as well.

Mr Lim also posted a photo of his meal.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Lim and Koufu for further comment.

One netizen commenting on the post wrote that Mr Lim could have said earlier that he wanted a receipt.

“These stall keeper should be sack away!!!He say should told him earlier if need receipt..these is becos if give receipt then he unable overcharge..He already overcharge so he not dare to give you the receipt..cos you can complainatiom if have these receipt.”

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Another wrote, “How is that $15? Are they trying to say this cost more than western food? There should be a shift manager at the office nearby. Have to raise it up to him.”

Others were equally surprised at the high price.

“Next time ask for total price before paying. At most you reject/walk away if price very much different from your calculation,” advised another.

“If the old uncle refuse to give you receipt , go to the drink counter look for the foodcourt manager…” a commenter chimed in.


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