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Did ISD-held extremist Zulfikar Shariff collaborate with Lawrence Khong in gay-hating FB group?




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Facebook user Otto Fong shared a picture suggesting that the extremist arrested and detained under Singapore’s Internal Security Act, Zulfikar Shariff, collaborated with the senior pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), among others as the Admin of gay-hating Facebook page, ‘We Are Against Pink Dot in Singapore’ (WAAPD).

The senior pastor of FCBC, Lawrence Khong, has warned that gays have an agenda to ‘normalise’ sex between consenting adults, which would destabilise traditional ‘one-man-one-woman-plus-children’ families.
1The user claimed: ‘Someone saved this picture. I’m awaiting his permission to credit him.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said today (29 Jul) that it had arrested and detained Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, 44, after it determined that he had used social media to propagate and spread his radical messages. He considered his propagation of radical material as a form of jihad, by way of creating awareness of ISIS and promoting armed jihad. MHA’s press release on Zulfikar’s detention can be read here: http://bit.ly/2aCqjuN.

Zulfikar was an avid supporter of the ‘WearWhite’ campaign which started in the year 2014, to protest against the Pink Dot movement, a gay-pride parade. WAAPD is an off-shoot of this campaign. The ‘WearWhite’ campaign was started by a Muslim scholar. Khong and the LoveSingapore Christian movement which he headed, later collaborated with the Muslim community in the campaign.

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Playwright Alfian Sa’at who described the collaboration between the two groups as an ‘unholy alliance’ said:

“(WAAPD) Page admins include ‘Panglima Hussien Hitam’, who is anonymous, Zulfikar Shariff, who once ran off to Australia on self-imposed exile for fear of being investigated for sedition and contravening the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, Mohd Khair Mohd Noor, founder of SuChi, which runs sexuality education programmes (and thus the vested interest in whipping up anti-gay frenzy) and Singapore’s very own Fred Phelps, Lawrence Khong.

“The group is a homophobic circle-jerk in thrall to the delusion that there is a march of ‘militant LGBT activists’ that they have to somehow resist, even if it means forming an unholy alliance between pro-Israel Lawrence Khong and pro-Palestine Muslims. Those who are remotely critical are banned. The discourse circulating in that icky septic tank is so hateful and bizarre (boycotting Starbucks and Google) that some members have actually left out of revulsion.”

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