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Defiant Han Hui Hui went ahead with protest at Hong Lim Park today




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A turf war erupted at Hong Lim Park this afternoon over who should occupy Hong Lim Green between Han Hui Hui’s protest march and PAP grassroots YMCA event.

According to Han Hui Hui, some plain clothes police officers approached her and her fellow members to vacate the premises adjacent to the YMCA event and warned that a warrant of arrest will be issued should they continue. National Parks Board Director also attempted to persuade Han’s party to move to another part of the park.

Despite warnings from the police and National Parks Board, the protesters went ahead with their speeches.

Han Hui Hui, the event organizer was the first to speak. She delivered a fiery speech and demanded that the government return the CPF monies back to the citizens.

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Roy Ngerng made allegations of impropriety and said that Singapore is a crony capitalism.

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He further said that today’s protest is the first real protest in Singapore.

Gilbert Goh, who is known as the father of all protest was not present at the event. Unlike the other protests, this event did not seem to have any speakers from the opposition camp.

Those attending the YMCA event seemed oblivious to the protest that was going on in the background with one participant saying, “Get a job first before asking for your CPF.”

Several plain clothes police officers were spotted at Hong Lim Park presumably to keep an eye on the protests and were receiving their instructions from their mobile devices while the National Parks officers stood around the perimeter like innocent bystanders watching the event unfold.

For transparency and to quell any unnecessary rumours to spread from both sides of the camps, it would be in the best interests of Singapore citizens that National Parks Board show who (YMCA or Han’s party) applied for their permits first to hold today’s event.

There is one thing that was apparent about this event, our youth have lost their trust on the current administration. And trust once lost can never be regained.

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