Death by Firing – Elda is filled with endless hope

Watch the second part of this saga unfold.


In the last video, we spoke to Human Rights Lawyer M. Ravi on the progress of Aslinda’s case with only two weeks to go.

Now, we reveal another piece of the puzzle as we speak to Aslinda’s daughter, 17-year old Siti Nur’Ismiraldha (Elda).

She tells us how she took the news when she came home one day and saw her aunt Ratnah crying over a letter. This sentiment was also shared by Aishaqirin, Elda’s cousin and Aslinda’s niece, who also tells us how she was in shock when the family received the news.

Both girls describe Aslinda as a cheerful lady whom they miss dearly.


Elda has been without her mother for the past 6 years. Juggling both schoolwork and a part-time job, she has even managed to save up money to send to her mother every month since she was 15-years-old.

Does she have hope? What can be done?

Most importantly, with only one week left to go, will Elda be able to see her mother once again?

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