SINGAPORE: After a young boy wished for a photo taken with his MP to go viral, netizens were quick to help make it come true. Workers’ Party MP He Ting Ru’s (Sengkang GRC) Facebook post on Wednesday night (Mar 13) included a picture of the boy, who had told her, “Do you think we will get 1,000 likes? I hope we do!”

“Let’s see if we can make our young resident’s wish come true!,” wrote Ms He, who, together with Assoc Prof Jamus Lim and Mr Louis Chua, represent Sengkang residents in Parliament.

Ms He wrote that she had visited Compassvale Mast  this week and that it had been “lovely” to chat with the two in the photo, “M&K … about so many different topics from the best bits of school (the food is great!) to getting scolded by teachers. Also how the only thing to do during holidays is to PLAY PLAY and PLAY all day!”

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All three Sengkang MPs are parents of young children and have written about their interactions with families in their wards in the course of conducting house visits.

“I always feel energised when speaking to spirited young residents, and I wish you all the best in your school life, and in qualifying for the basketball team!,” added Ms He.

She also posted another photo of a front door with a sign that reads: “Please do not disturb. We are not selling our house.”

Ms He wrote that due to resale prices recently approaching a S$1 million price tag in the area, “there has been quite a bit of movement.” Other residents, however, such as the owner of the flat where the “do not disturb” sign was hung, have made it clear “that they are not interested in selling their flats as they like the neighbourhood so much that they can’t think where they could find which would be comparable.”

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The MP also praised the area for its strong community spirit, posting a photo of a “veritable treasure trove of snacks and drinks for delivery personnel who work hard to keep our world going,” and calling it “a lovely idea!”

Since Ms He put up her post, it has been liked by over 1,400 Facebook users, including Assoc Prof Lim.

“We hit the target! You guys are amazing!,” she wrote. /TISG

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