SINGAPORE: With heat index readings on the high, a commuter took to an online forum on Wednesday (April 10) to ask why there aren’t more fans at bus stops around Singapore. The post began an online conversation about the cost and maintenance of such add-ons while others supported the idea.

Southeast Asian countries are experiencing extreme heat and many are finding ways to keep cool while going about their everyday activities such as commuting. After a netizen took to a forum to ask “Why aren’t there more fans at bus stops,” many Singaporeans joined the conversation.

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Commuters react 

A common theme that came up in people’s comments was the possible butterfly effect of adding fans to bus stops. “(They get) dirty and dusty easily,  high maintenance, unnecessary electricity usage,” one said.

“It costs moolah to make and maintain,” said another. “It all comes down to cost.”

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A third wrote, “And give them more reason to increase our fare and tax?”

Others argued that bus wait times aren’t that long. “Would you rather they increase the bus frequency or raise fares and install fans?” one pointed out. “Anyway, just bring your own portable fan. (You)  wait for the bus only (for) a (little) while (and you still) need  (to) install airconditioners and fans? Not even cost-efficient bro.”

Some commuters suggest different improvements 

Some called for different improvements to be made. “To be honest, I never thought about wanting fans at bus stops and even after seeing this post, I still don’t,” said one. “You shouldn’t be waiting at a bus stop long enough that you start wanting fans, you should be asking for a shorter waiting time instead.”

“Instead of fans at bus stops, there needs to be a better bus stop design,” said another, who argued that with the current design, “There is no way for air to flow through, during heavy rain the whole bus stop is wet. They can design the bus stops to be more air flow friendly.”

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“As other posters have commented, there are far more useful things to improve than having fans,” wrote a third, “I for one would appreciate that the bus shelters extend higher and further out so during heavy rains we don’t have to worry about the gap between the shelter and the bus door and struggle with an umbrella to avoid the rain. Oh, and fully sheltered walkways linking the bus stops would be so useful too.”

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