Singapore – Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side without breaking the law.

A case of animal crossing (literally) was recorded on camera and uploaded in the short video creation app TikTok which has since garnered netizens respect and laughter.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” asked TikTok user Aloysius Tay in a video that showed the animal making its way across a pedestrian crossing along Neil Road in Outram Park.

Given that the lights were still red, the chicken “waited patiently” like a law-abiding citizen.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/aloysiustay8

When the green man showed up, the chicken instinctively knew it was time to cross.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/aloysiustay8

The other pedestrians crossing the road did not intimidate the chicken as it made its way to the other side.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/aloysiustay8

It even appeared to hurry up as the green light began to blink, with passersby looking back to check up on the animal.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/aloysiustay8

Once safely across the road, the chicken then decided to fly up a nearby tree.

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Netizens commented that the chicken was quite smart based on the footage.

“Chicken observes traffic rules better than most humans,” said a netizen.

“The rooster is smarter than some users who like to beat the red light and dashes across the road,” said a TikTok user in a comment.

Meanwhile, others poked fun at the video and said that the people nearby could have asked it “the age-old question.”

It appears that chickens obeying traffic rules is not so uncommon in Singapore. “It’s not strange actually. There’s a chicken in my area where I live, who observes traffic rules too,” said a TikTok user.

Another netizen wrote, “I see this almost every day going to work and going home.”/TISG


Why did the chicken cross the road? #noanimalswereharmed

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ByHana O