More stills from MBC’s upcoming drama “Chief Detective 1958” have been released in advance of its eagerly awaited launch next week!

Serving as a prequel to the iconic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which enjoyed an impressive 18-year run from 1971 to 1989 and peaked with an astounding 70 per cent viewership rating during its heyday, “Chief Detective 1958” is set to delve into the origins of the beloved franchise.

The series will revolve around Park Young Han (portrayed by Lee Je Hoon), an ambitious detective renowned for his exceptional arrest record in nabbing petty criminals.

Alongside him, viewers will witness the formation of an unconventional team of detectives determined to challenge the prevalent corruption within Jongnam Police Station.

Photo: Instagram/MBC

New stills showcasing unity and determination of four detectives

The newly unveiled stills showcase the unity and determination of the four detectives from Jongnam Police Station, each character exuding a distinct aura.

Particularly noteworthy are the glimpses of “rookie detectives” Cho Kyung Hwan (played by Choi Woo Sung) and Seo Ho Jeong (portrayed by Yoon Hyun Soo), which add an intriguing dynamic to the ensemble cast dominated by the seasoned “veteran detectives” Park Young Han and Kim Sang Soon (played by Lee Dong Hwi).

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In these images, Cho Kyung Hwan, a robust individual hailing from a rice shop background, emanates strength and resilience, clutching a rice bag with unwavering confidence.

Meanwhile, Seo Ho Jeong, an intellectual elite from a prestigious university, exudes a composed demeanour amidst the backdrop of his favourite bookstore.

Their unconventional appearances raise questions about their roles within Jongnam Police Station and pique viewers’ curiosity regarding their character arcs.

Allure of exploring the prequel format

Actor Choi Woo Sung expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the allure of exploring the prequel format of the beloved series.

He also sheds light on his character’s complexity, describing Kyung Hwan as someone with a tough exterior masking a compassionate nature.

Similarly, Yoon Hyun Soo expressed his excitement for his role and emphasized his dedication during the audition process.

He also offered insights into Ho Jeong’s character, highlighting the latter’s earnest pursuit of his dreams despite occasional missteps.

“Chief Detective 1958” is slated to premiere on April 19th at 9:50 p.m.KST, offering viewers an exciting exploration into the beginnings of one of Korea’s cherished detective series.