SINGAPORE: A diner took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the food he ordered at the KKH food court and how his raised issue was dealt with.

“After payment, surprisingly to me that upon serving, I found out there’s No Char Siew in it. When I asked, the lady store helper said… Today No Char Siew, and walk away. Very bad attitude and services,” wrote Mr Toni Tan on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday morning (April 8).

First, the meal he ordered from Old Airport Road Wanton Noodle at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) food court did not include the char siew, which is one of the dish’s signature ingredients.

Mr Tan wrote that the stall attendant should have told him that there was no char siew when he placed his order so that he could have cancelled or swapped out his order for dumpling noodles.

He then wrote to Koufu, which has been managing the food court at KKH since it reopened in February.

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At first, he was told that Koufu would investigate the matter and educate the stall staff, and then offered Mr Tan a complimentary meal from the same stall, asking that he give at least one working day in advance for the stall to make arrangements.

“My question is, make what arrangement?” he asked in his post, wondering why he was expected to travel to the hospital on Bukit Timah Rd just for a complimentary meal.

“For sure I will never visit this stall again,” he wrote, adding sarcastically that he did not want to end up in KKH, given that he needed to make arrangements to avail of the free dish.

Mr Tan wrote to KKH again, and on March 16, the company’s customer service department reached out to him, saying:

“Therefore, we would like to extend an alternative compensation offer to you. Instead of the meal, we would like to offer you $10 Koufu vouchers, which can be used islandwide at all Koufu or Happy Hawker stalls.”

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However, as of Sunday (April 7), he claims that he has not yet received the voucher or any other word from Koufu.

The Independent Singapore has contacted Mr Tan and Koufu for further updates or comments. /TISG

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