SINGAPORE: An online user took to social media on Thursday (April 4) to share an issue her mother has had at work. The post claimed that despite requesting a half-day leave for a family event two weeks prior, the woman’s supervisor has been “insistent” on denying it.

“My mum has been trying to get her leave approved two weeks prior for a family event, and it’s a half-day leave,” she wrote before claiming: “The supervisor rejected it as they have a tight schedule and said that she already has Saturday and Sunday to enjoy her off days.

The supervisor is insistent on not approving her half-day leave and does not give an alternative suggestion. I’m requesting to speak to HR on this but if the company is refusing due to their ‘tight schedule’ what should I do?

My mum (has rarely taken) annual leave and only took for (a) medical check-up and a few MCs. The company recently changed a new superior for her who was rather demanding and unreasonable.

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I know she can take MC if there is really no other way but how can I approach this situation to push for approval (of) the annual leave as she (actually) has a lot of them.”

The daugther added, “I know that MC would be a last resort but we are only asking for half a day off (4 hrs to be exact), which is better than taking MC resulting in a total lack of one manpower for that day.

The supervisor (didn’t answer) my call and doesn’t want to speak to me. When I texted him, he said HR would speak directly to her. (He also stated) ‘Don’t comment when you do not know what she (has) done wrong in the company so many times’.”

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Readers suggest just taking MC 

A handful of people responded to the writer’s post, sharing what they would do in such a situation. Many suggested just taking the MC. Others shared their confusion over the woman’s half-day request being denied.

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“Leave is part of the employment contract, meaning that it’s as much part of the contract as your mum doing the work that is assigned to her, getting paid monthly, etc,” said one.

“There are times during the year when managers will really prefer not to have a person utilize their entitlement, but to reject a half-day request would appear concerning, as it is unlikely that she will really fall far behind on her work.

Still, another considered a different perspective, saying, “Without more context (eg. what your mum’s job is, how big her team is etc), two weeks advance notice could be a little short for some managers to plan for her absence.

I hope you’re not planning to speak to company HR on her (behalf) though, as your post implies.”

Another commenter also found this to be an issue, asking, “Why did you call her boss? Flip the scenario. Your mother calls your boss to ask if you can go on leave.”

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Work-life balance benefits everyone in the workplace

According to The Happiness Index website, people in leadership roles within companies play a big role in ensuring the working environment values work-life balance. After all, it is proven to benefit the organisation as a whole.

Some benefits of having a work-life balance are fewer health problems (and therefore fewer absences), improved engagement, less burnout, and improved focus and mindfulness.

In turn, these positive effects give companies a happy and healthy working environment where people can work as one to achieve better results.

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