SINGAPORE: After a man took to social media to express his unhappiness with a dish of mixed rice that cost his helper S$8.40 at Singapore General Hospital, Food operator Koufu said it would investigate the matter.

Mr Harrison Ma, who had gone to SGH to visit his grandmother along with his helper, posted photos of the dish, as well as the receipt showing what the helper had paid. He wrote in a Dec 14 post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, “I was totally SHOCKED by the price it stated. I literally thought that my helper were lying until she showed me the receipt. She was charged at an open price at $8.40 for 1 meat 1 veg 4pcs of sotong ring. And the taste was so so only not even worth the price she pay for!”

Mr Ma added that it is “totally absurd for economical rice to be sold in this pricing in a hospital which are meant for patients and public to dine in!”

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He also questioned the fact that there had been no breakdown of the dish’s components, which are composed of rice, green beans, some seafood and a piece of meat. “The receipt is just one open price with totally no descriptions at all!” wrote Mr Ma.

An administrator for the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page shared Mr Ma’s post and noted that Koufu responded to the post very quickly.

The food and beverage company operates a chain of food courts, including the one at SGH. Several complaints have occurred this year regarding the high food price at SGH.

The admin wrote: “A member of our COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group had posted a complaint in regards to food takeaway at Koufu @ Singapore General Hospital that is too pricey. Within a day, he got an official response by Koufu. Here is the reply from Koufu: ‘Hi, thank you for the feedback. We regret for the unpleasant experience encountered. We are in the midst of investigation and will reach out to you. Any query, you may email to”

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The Independent Singapore (TISG) has contacted Mr Ma for further comments or updates.

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In October, a diner was shocked at the price of S$8 he was charged for vegetarian bee hoon at SGH. When TISG contacted Koufu, we were told that the company investigated this incident.

“The pricing of the dish ordered by customer should be $7 instead of $8, Bee Hoon $2, Fried Beancurd Skin $2.50, Omelette $1.50 and Stir-fried Green Bean $1. Nevertheless, we are also speaking to the tenant to review the pricing. We apologise for the unpleasant experience and are reaching out to customer to arrange for refund,” Koufu said.

Earlier this month, another diner expressed unhappiness with what she paid for a meal at the Koufu-run food court at SGH.

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