SINGAPORE: Unhappy with what she had to pay for a plate of Nasi Padang at a stall at Singapore General Hospital, a woman took to social media to express how she felt, saying she found the S$11.80 price to be “unbelievable.”

“Koufu unbelievable price at your SGH outlet which you have more public than any other outlets. $11.80 for a plate of nasi Padang. $5 for a seafood dish item!” wrote Ms Eleanor Tan on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday, Dec 5. She added that for the stall’s Sayur Lodeh, an Indonesian vegetable soup made with coconut milk, added tofu costs an additional S$1.

Ms Tan also posted a screenshot of the details from her transaction, which showed that she had paid S$11.80 for her meal. She made further remarks in the comments section of her post. In one, she wrote, “The pricing at KF SGH is really absurd. This is a government hospital but their food courts and food outlets pricing are Private!”

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Other commenters agreed that the price she paid for the Nasi Padang was relatively high, with one noting that S$1 for extra tofu is pretty steep. Some pointed out that they’ve noticed that hospital food prices have gotten quite expensive.

This is not the first time netizens have complained about the high food prices served in hospitals this year. In October, a diner was shocked at being charged S$8 for vegetarian bee hoon at SGH, and Koufu told The Independent Singapore that the pricing had been wrong and that it was speaking to the tenant where the diner bought its meal to review pricing and that it was reaching out to the customer to arrange for a refund.

Last year, a woman who ate at the food court in the same hospital was unhappy that her meal cost S$7.50 for items that weren’t “worth it” for the price.

A video of the meal from Kopitiam Food Court was shared online on Aug 16, 2022, with the customer explaining that her meal, consisting of a thin slice of luncheon meat, three pieces of chicken nuggets, a fillet, and noodles, cost her S$7.50. She showed the receipt, which listed the items as “add-ons,” and couldn’t believe that a “super thin” slice of luncheon meat was S$2.

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However, on the same day, another netizen posted a photo of a Koufu meal that he found expensive. “Is it the norms nowadays $4.40 for such a plate of bfast at Koufu ? Cost of living really jialat increased so much ?,” he wrote on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE.

The Independent Singapore has contacted Ms Eleanor Tan, Mr Terrence Lim, and Koufu for additional comments or updates.

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