SINGAPORE: Over the weekend, a warded patient shared their sentiments on people using their phones loudly. He went so far as to say that they should be given a heavy fine.

“Currently warded in the hospital for a few days now, and it frustrates and angers me that even in hospitals with sick, tired and worried patients, there are selfish and inconsiderate people who talk on their phones or watch videos with loudspeakers on,” he wrote to a forum on Saturday (April 6).

“Was finally transferred to a permanent ward bed after two days waiting for a bed in the hospital holding area and I thought I would have a better chance to rest,” the post read.

“But no, I share the ward with other patients and unfortunately, one of them is an uncle who watches videos with loudspeakers on, like the kind usually encountered in buses and trains.”

The patient expressed how bothersome the unnecessary noise was, saying, “Days of no food, only IV drips and blood transfusions and I still have to suffer this unnecessary noise.

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I regret that I lost my temper and shouted at him last night to please use an earpiece. The nurse came to tell him in dialect also and he stopped.

Some Singaporeans are too helpless, clueless and inconsiderate that only laws and fines are needed to herd them and make them follow basic etiquette.

Throwing litter when there are so many bins around? Need fines. Cleaning tables after eating? Need fines. The list goes on, unnecessary laws where basic good manners and etiquette should have been enough.”

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Patient calls for a fine to be imposed on people who use phones loudly

“Should it be the same for people using their phones loudly in buses, trains? Perhaps fines will not totally stop them but at least will make them think twice.

It is also frustrating that staff like bus captains and hospital staff almost do nothing to stop such behaviour.

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It is an added task for them, but I think they are people of authority who can do something about this before others take matters into their hands,” he wrote, expressing his frustration.

Many responded to the post, sharing their experiences with people who behave similarly. Others seconded the writer’s call for a fine to be imposed on people who use their phones loudly.

“Smoking is prohibited in certain places, maybe such noise can also be,” said one. “I understand that enforcement will be difficult, but this issue is so common and just so frustrating… buses, trains, and even hospitals.”

Another wrote, “I agree with your point, but by that logic, smoking should be a crime too as someone near you is polluting the air you breathe.”

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