Traditional liberal strongholds are grappling with a surge of undocumented immigrants infiltrating their communities, sparking growing discontent among residents. The emergence of liberals like those in Brooklyn voicing concerns about the presence of illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods is a recent development. 

Meanwhile, Republican backers are pointing fingers at Democratic voters, holding them responsible for the unfolding situation. 

According to Pix 11, residents in Brooklyn’s Gravesend neighborhood are up in arms over plans for a homeless shelter, citing safety and quality-of-life concerns. Hundreds rallied against the proposed shelter, fearing it could house 150 adult men, potentially escalating crime rates. 

Longtime resident Izzy Wu voiced worries about the proximity to schools and the potential impact on the community. Vivien Tran expressed safety fears for her nightly commute, especially during winter. 

The shelter would repurpose a proposed hotel site, drawing criticism from elected officials who advocate for addressing homelessness with long-term solutions like mental health services and job opportunities. 

Brooklyn residents protesting illegal immigrants coming to their neighborhood 


Furthermore, X users state that despite their protests, they voted for this to happen. Conservatives feel that illegals are receiving more benefits than actual American citizens. There are claims that illegals are getting $10,000 for free if they manage to come into America. 

Conservatives are disagreeing with each other. On one end, they claim that liberals will continue on voting for this, despite protesting it. However, on the other hand, they state that these protests are getting bigger, and a wave of change may be in the air. Could this change the voting patterns of traditionally liberal voters? 

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