BoA’s recent announcement of retirement upon the conclusion of her contract with SM Entertainment has sent shockwaves through her fanbase. The abrupt deletion of all posts from her personal Instagram account has only added to the speculation surrounding her future in the industry.

This move, following her retirement statement, has left fans deeply concerned about the beloved K-pop idol’s next steps.

Despite the uncertainty, BoA has reassured her followers that her retirement is not immediate. She clarified that her contract with SM Entertainment extends until December 31, 2025, ensuring her continued presence as a singer and content creator for the near future.

Nonetheless, her devoted fandom expresses a desire for her continued presence in the industry, recognizing her as a significant source of joy for countless individuals.

Photo: Instagram/BoA

Concerns about BoA’s wellbeing

Rumors surrounding BoA’s retirement stem from the recent surge in online harassment directed at the artist. She has been vocal about confronting the persistent hate she has endured, even engaging with anonymous users responsible for malicious comments on her posts.

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Fans lament the apparent lack of protection from such incidents on the part of SM Entertainment, further fueling concerns about BoA’s well-being.

BoA’s illustrious career began with her debut under SM Entertainment in 2000, earning her the title of “Queen of K-pop” and widespread acclaim in both South Korea and Japan.

More recently, she expanded her repertoire by joining the group GOT The Beat in 2022 and making a notable appearance in the popular K-drama “Marry My Husband” in 2023, portraying the character Oh Yoo Ra. Her multifaceted talents and enduring impact continue to captivate audiences worldwide.