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Bird Paradise closes “Egg Splash” after boy breaks two teeth at water playground

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The trip to Bird Paradise has left her son with trauma and lasting pain, on top of a S$1,200 hole in her pocket for dental fees

SINGAPORE: The newly opened Bird Paradise has closed its “Egg Splash” water playground after a young boy broke two front teeth in a horrific accident last week.

Facebook user Wynn Chan posted a complaint from the boy’s mother on social media, saying that the playground was very slippery and that both her boys walked away with injuries after they visited the park on Saturday (20 May). The mother also claimed that three other children suffered injuries at the playground.

The boy’s mother said that her eldest son broke his teeth after he went down a slide, and another child going down the slide behind him landed right on top of her son before he could move away. The impact caused her son to fall flat on his face, and he “was very helpless and afraid when the incident happened.”

The concerned mother added that her younger son also sustained pain and four scratches on his thigh from the “very very bad flooring” at the playground.

Revealing that the trip to Bird Paradise has left her son with trauma and lasting pain, on top of a S$1,200 hole in her pocket for dental fees, the mother said on Facebook:

“I brought my boy to the dental clinic and the dentist said that both his teeth hit the nerve and all he can do now is wait for root canal and the earliest appointment for it is in June! Yes, a kid have to suffer a toothache that affects headache for that long. What do u think if its ur kid? I was told 1 tooth estimated SGD600.”

She added that she fully understands that kids may fall and get hurt while they play but called on Bird Paradise to prevent such incidents in future. She warned parents, “Enter Egg Splash in Bird Paradise with ur kids at ur own risk.”

In an interview with Channel 8 news, Ms Chan added that medical staff at Bird Paradise told her friend that they would follow up on the incident and that she¬†“may be able to claim through the bird park’s insurance, but it cannot be guaranteed.”

Mandai Wildlife Reserve has confirmed to Channel 8 news that “Egg Splash” has been closed for review. A spokesperson said that staff assisted the child involved and his family members at the time of the incident and contacted the family members again on Sunday (21 May).

Promising to keep in touch with the boy’s family, the spokesperson said: “We are reviewing customer feedback and are paying particular attention to the concerns of the families involved. We take this matter seriously. In order to be able to investigate thoroughly, we have closed the playground and are reviewing it with experts.”


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