SINGAPORE: A post on the Facebook group ‘Complaint Singapore’ calling for a ban on bicycles on Singapore roads has sparked a heated debate among netizens.

The post by Mr Jon Yun on Saturday (June 15) read: “Singapore is too small for road cycling. Should ban bicycles on the road.”

The post quickly garnered attention, with netizens flooding the comments section to express their two cents.

Many disagreed with Mr Yun’s stance, arguing that if space is a concern, cars should be the ones facing restrictions, as they are the ones causing traffic congestion.

Some even suggested that “everybody should just ride bicycles” since this option opens up more space on the road, is environmentally friendly, and is less dangerous.

Another netizen suggested that the government should consider banning cars outright or, at the very least, raise the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices significantly.

This is because he observed that “hit-and-run drivers and unsound idiotic car drivers” are increasing nowadays and that many innocent lives have been taken recently because of them.

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Another netizen referenced research conducted in the UK, which focused on how to make the most out of a 3.5-meter-wide road lane in a city.

According to the study, the car is the most spatially inefficient mode compared to other vehicles like regular buses, bicycles, LRTs, and MRTs.

Its findings also indicated that, on average, a car carrying just two people inside would take up the same space as fourteen cyclists.

A third netizen stated that in Singapore, “people don’t really need cars.” She then called for banning private cars and suggested that people take public transport instead.

She added, “What’s the point of having cars when owners are still rushing for time above pedestrians safety?”

Others agreed with Mr Yun, stating that cyclists are nuisances on the road

Conversely, others sided with Mr Yun and expressed that cyclists can be a real pain on the road.

They observed that many cyclists nowadays seem to act like they’re the “kings of the road” and behave irresponsibly, making it tough for drivers to get around smoothly.

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One netizen said, “Cyclists should be banned on the roads because they do not know what road safety is, always disobey traffic rules, and run traffic lights. They also do not have the proper insurance coverage if an accident occurs.”

Another netizen expressed, “They are such a big nuisance with their self-entitled attitude. It takes a fatal incident to change the law and rules, that too if they choose to.”

Others, meanwhile, shared stories of how some cyclists have caused inconveniences on the road.

One netizen recounted an incident where they witnessed a double-decker bus stuck behind a cyclist on a dual-lane road, unable to overtake due to heavy traffic in the right lane.

At that time, the netizen thought that the passengers on the bus must have been impatient and got angry at the cyclist.

Another person recalled encountering a group of four cyclists who disregarded the rule of riding in single file, causing inconvenience and disruption to other vehicles sharing the road.

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