25 cyclists were caught for riding in larger than permitted groups along Clementi Road and West Coast Highway

SINGAPORE: Currently, cyclists who ride in large groups can be fined S$150. However, one Singaporean suggests that errant cyclists should face heftier fines and increase the fine to at least S$1,000.

In a recent joint operation on May 25, reported by The Straits Times, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Traffic Police caught over 25 cyclists riding in groups larger than permitted along Clementi Road and West Coast Highway. 

Chia Eu Foong, a concerned Singaporean, mentioned in the report that cyclists who flout the rule on group size could be fined S$150. This seems like a strikingly low fine for these road offenders, and there is no mention of heavier fines for repeat offenders.

Chia believes that a higher fine would be a more effective deterrent and promote safer cycling practices, The Straits Times report.

Chia noted, “The authorities should consider raising the fine to a minimum of $1,000. I’ve noticed that many of these cyclists are not blue-collar workers – they ride bicycles costing a few thousand dollars.”

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He argued, “A $150 fine seems meagre compared with the money spent on their hobby. A severe monetary penalty would effectively drive a serious note of road safety into the cycling community.”

Chia explained that cyclists who break traffic rules by riding in large groups can create dangerous situations on the road. They put themselves at risk as motorists struggle to predict their movements, such as sudden lane changes or veering out of line.

This can also cause significant disruptions, with large vehicles being forced to squeeze into other lanes, potentially endangering drivers of smaller vehicles.

The report states that a similar joint enforcement operation by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Traffic Police (TP) from the end of April to early May 2024 resulted in 16 cyclists being caught riding in a group larger than 10.

Additionally, six cyclists were found with non-compliant manual bicycles that lacked a functioning handbrake. /TISG

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