SINGAPORE: An ‘Asian dad’ went viral on TikTok after his daughter shared a brief video clip of him sleeping on the floor during a 15-hour plane ride. The video posted on Oct 16 has been viewed a whopping 8 million times, which is no small deal even on the popular platform.

“You have your airport dad, I have my Asian dad,” Ms Natalie Bright wrote on the video. “Flying economy for 15 hours? No problem.” The clip showed an older man stretched out on the floor in front of three airplane seats, with his eyes closed and his arms folded behind his head.

She captioned her video “more room for everybody,” and Ms Bright indeed appeared to be comfortable in the additional space she got after her dad decided to stay on the floor.


more room for everybody. #flyingeconomy#fligh5#asiandadsbelike

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However, responses to the video have been mixed. Some praised Ms Bright’s father for finding a way to get some sleep in a notoriously cramped space that economy class provides travelers with today, while others expressed concerns as to how hygienic, or unhygienic, it is to sleep on the floor of a plane.

“As a past flight attendant, you don’t want to know what I have seen on those carpets,” wrote one commenter. However, others claimed that plane seats may just be as dirty as the floor, although this is arguable.

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Some were surprised that the flight attendants allowed him to do this claiming they were not allowed to do so on a flight. Others said this depends on the carrier. Some commenters expressed concerns that in the case of turbulence, the man could have gotten injured easily, or in the case of rapid loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen masks would not reach him.

A few noted that “Asian dad” was just the right size for the occasion, adding that a person who was 6’3 (190.5 cm) would not be able to fit in the same space. Others had concerns about him wearing jeans for 15 hours straight, noting that this would be very uncomfortable. One commenter wondered why someone who can afford to buy a Rolex would be flying economy class.

But then there were also those who were all praised for the man’s dedication to comfort. “Only peak Dads can make the floor of the plane look comfy,” wrote one. Others called him “smart” and a “long haul king,” and some said they would “100% would do this.” /TISG

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