Andy Lau, one of Hong Kong’s Heavenly Kings has been in the entertainment industry for close to four decades. He is not just one of the biggest superstars in Asia but he is also praised for being professional and hardworking, making him a role model to others. Andy, 59 is a father-of-one who is also very humble which is why he does not think those traits are a big deal. An old interview that Andy did with Chinese talk show host Chen Luyu resurfaced recently and went viral on Weibo.

In the video, Andy shared about how he thinks expectations for actors nowadays are much lower than before as even basic behaviour is put on a pedestal.

“It’s not that I’m particularly dedicated,” he mused. “It’s just that the current standards have changed.”

The actor recalled working on a film with Chinese director Feng Xiaogang as an example. The notice said that makeup will start at 9am and shooting will begin at 10am. When he arrived on set at 9am as instructed, Xiaogang was perplexed and asked why Andy was “so early”.

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“I said, ‘Aren’t we supposed to be here at 9am?’. Turns out most actors would only come in at 10am,” he said, adding that things like turning up for work an hour early, knowing exactly what you’re supposed to wear for the day’s scenes, taking your own notes, and doing your own prep work were all taught during the TVB artist training programmes in the past.

Andy Lau thinks the standards for actors are low nowadays. Picture: Instagram

“Now, being punctual has become an advantage, but isn’t it something that should be expected? I think this should be redefined,” Andy continued. “Perhaps today’s requirements aren’t the same as before, so being on time and memorising your lines have become good virtues.”

Although this may sound like one of those “kids these days” rant from older people, Andy was quick to add that he does not think this shift in standards is necessarily a bad thing, and that he may need to change his own perceptions and get with the times.

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He also clarified that while he sometimes gives advice to younger actors, he would never impose his standards on them. “I think I am in the wrong. The world has changed, and I’m still stuck in the past. You shouldn’t force others to adapt to your own rhythm and methods.” /TISG