International Asia Actress Sora Ma finally says ‘yes’ to fiance’s marriage proposal

Actress Sora Ma finally says ‘yes’ to fiance’s marriage proposal

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'Our relationship has passed the seven-year itch,' she says

Singapore – Congratulations are in order for actress Sora Ma after she announced her wedding plans on June 7.

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t stop hold the actress back from sharing her good news on Instagram, where she showed her wedding ring and a bouquet of roses.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@soramayx)

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@soramayx)

Ma’s caption read “wedding news”, followed by a brief backstory of how they met.

The actress included a short video of the moment before her fiance popped the question.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@soramayx)

In the video, you can see the actress chilling on a couch and asking someone off-camera, “Eh! Why are you here?” in Cantonese.

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The person responded saying that he’s there to take photos.

It appears that there were many people off-camera when the actress became nervous and said: “Don’t scare me. What’s happening?”

A man soon popped up, strumming a guitar and singing, and the video ended with Ma looking super-shocked.

During an interview with 8world, the actress revealed that her fiance doesn’t work in showbiz and is eight years older than her. She added that a mutual friend had introduced them after the 2012 Star Awards.

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“Our relationship has passed the seven-year itch and he has treated me nicer and nicer ever since we got together. He didn’t take our relationship for granted with the passing of time and he would also put me at the centre in many areas of his life,” Ma said.

Ma also revealed that her fiance actually proposed to her back in October 2018.

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He had an entire set-up ready – booked a hotel, lied that there was a filming session there, invited her closest friends from all over (Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) to Singapore to witness the proposal.

And, guys, apparently she was so surprised… she forgot to say “yes”.

“He gave me the flowers and I thought the next step would be for me to stick my hand out because I acted in so many of such scenes in dramas,” the actress explained.

Now that she has officially said yes, her mom suggested that she register her marriage in Singapore – and, once the pandemic situation improves, hold the wedding in Malaysia. Her mom resides in Malaysia.

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Ma plans to register her marriage this year.

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