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A brain dead Singaporean lawyer came back from the dead




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Since it is Good Friday, we bring you this testimony of ‘resurrection’ by Suzanne Chin. Ms Chin, a lawyer, is convinced that what happened to her in 2009 is nothing but a miracle.The mother of two suffered a heart-attack while she was living and working in Hong Kong. In hospital she went into a coma and was declared brain dead. The doctors advised her husband to take her off life support because.
Then, three days after she was admitted, she woke up from her coma. She recovered within a week and left the hospital. According to publicly available information, Ms Chin is now living in Singapore, still working as a lawyer, still a wife and mum. She is well, and she is alive.
–Her Testimony–
One Monday morning in 2009 when I was living in Hong Kong, I cut short my usual walk with my dog for unexplained reasons but told my husband John when I reached home that I was feeling faint. Things turned fuzzy quickly and the last thing I remembered was John saying how pale I looked and that he would call an ambulance. Everything was a blank until after I awoke from my coma.
The following is based mostly on John’s account of what happened. John rushed me to hospital that morning and the traffic parted like the Red Sea and the ambulance took 1/3 of the normal time to reach the hospital, in peak hour traffic. I was unconscious by then and my heart had stopped.
The staff at emergency ward immediately tried to revive me with electric shocks and huge amounts of stimulants. Each time they shocked my heart however, my heartbeat would return faintly and would very quickly stop again. It took almost 2 hours and vast amounts of dopamine and adrenaline for my heartbeat to be stabilised. I was in critical condition and all tests carried out that day indicated no brainstem activity and I was promptly pronounced brainstem death. At this stage, I was being kept alive by a machine and John had informed my family who flew up immediately to be by my side.
Things looked worse the next day and the doctors told John and my family that they had to accept that I was dead. The doctors also said that there was only a 1% chance that I would recover and even if that happened, I would be severely brain damaged. Notwithstanding, my family and friends never gave up hope. Everyone prayed for me including many at the Church of our Saviour Healing rooms.
On Wednesday, the technician who was monitoring my brain for activity found some signs of activity but doctors were skeptical. The neurologist asked me to move my fingers but I did not respond. However, when my brother came to my side and asked of the same thing, I moved my fingers in response. The doctors all said that it was probably a reflex and cautioned John and my family not to expect any improvement. Two other neurologists also concluded that recovery was impossible.
On Thursday, John spoke to me and asked me to nod three times. While still in a comatose state, I was able to respond by nodding exactly three times. Several times during that day, I appeared to be struggling to open my eyes and trying to wake up.
On Friday I regained consciousness.
By Saturday afternoon, many of the tubes that were connecting me to the various life-saving machines had been pulled out and I started to speak and drink a little. By Sunday I was sitting up and speaking and even started walking around late in the day. The doctors were dumbfounded and could not explain what had happened.
God was watching over me. From the early return from my walk to John’s quick reaction in calling the ambulance, to the miracle of Hong Kong drivers making way for an ambulance even when it was rush hour, and the doctors’ unrelenting attempts to revive me even after the usual 45 minute protocol, were all clear evidence of God’s guiding hand.
While I was in a coma, I recall vividly being in a room of an apartment. I was on a bed with many pillows and covered with a blanket. I recall not being able to move or speak. A man appeared by my side. He looked peaceful enough and did not appear overtly threatening in any way but something in me (I believe it was the prompting of the Holy Spirit) knew that he was evil. He communicated to me without speaking. He told me that if I wanted to get up or speak, all I would have to do was to follow him, to succumb to him. I told him to leave me alone and declared that I was a child of God and recited the Lords’ prayer and every passage from the Bible that I could remember, sang every hymn/song I knew. I also remember calling out to Jesus and asking Him to save me. The man faded in and out several times and on the last occasion, he started to get angry. He threatened to take my daughter if I refused to follow him. Again, without hesitation, I told him that I knew he was lying and that he had no power over me. It was at that moment that I woke from my coma to see my husband John standing by my bed.
All the doctors in Hong Kong and in Singapore do not have a medical explanation for what happened. Doctors have pronounced that I have no heart problems and the torn aortic valve, which was so visible on the heart scan on the days following my collapse, and originally thought to have been the proximate cause of my ailment, is now completely undetectable. I am told that medically, such a tear is irreversible except with surgery.
I thank God for His kindness and love and for His wonderful gift to me and will never forget this remarkable event in my life. Glory be to God!

This testimony was first published in the 2013 April – June edition of Family Inclusion Network newsletter.

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