After a netizen shared over social media the bill for three drinks and two pieces of bread, he noted that the drinks were served in a “very small cup leh” and were “very expensive leh.”

The bill, including a service charge and GST, amounted to $20.60. Here is the breakdown of his $20.60 order: One cup of hot Milo for $4, 1 filter coffee for $4.50, 1 block (sic) coffee for $3.50, and 1 order of parota (2 ccs) $5.50, plus 10 per cent service charge and 7 per cent GST.

The F&B establishment is an Indian restaurant, which is well-reviewed online.

Netizens responding to his May 29 COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook post, agreed with him that his order had cost a lot.

The poster, Andy Chin, wrote that he had bought his drinks and food at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

Now, food and drinks are generally more costly in restaurants at airports or other terminals and stations, reportedly due to high rentals and operational costs. Added to this is recent inflation, which has affected food prices everywhere.

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Nevertheless, commenters on Mr Chin’s post agreed that his order was very expensive.

One netizen asked if the poster had had a chance to check out the prices beforehand via a menu or menu board?

Others took issue with what they perceived as the poor quality of the cup, despite the high price of the beverages.

One pointed out the prices have risen “for everything.”

Another said that based on the time stamp on the receipt, 4:29 am, Mr Chin did not have a lot of choice as to where he could order food and drinks.

Others guessed that rental prices at the airport may be the reason for the high price of Mr Chin’s order.


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