SINGAPORE: As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to permeate various sectors, job search websites are increasingly leveraging the technology to enhance recruitment processes. An AI-powered job search platform, launched a year ago, has already facilitated the job search journey for over 60,000 users, with 25% of them securing employment through the platform within a 12-month period.

Since its inception in June last year, the Jobs Lah platform has seen a significant rise in employer participation. Currently, more than 3,000 employers utilize the AI-driven site, marking a 50% increase from the initial numbers. The site averages over 1,000 new job postings monthly, indicating a robust and active employment ecosystem.

An after-school care center, Play Facto School, has recently adopted the AI job search website to streamline its recruitment process. This year alone, the center has posted five job openings on the platform, receiving an average of over ten applications per listing.

Industry experts highlight the unique capability of AI in matching job seekers not just based on their academic qualifications, but also aligning their mentality and values with the company’s philosophy. This nuanced approach allows employers to find candidates who are a better cultural fit, potentially leading to more harmonious and productive workplaces.

A spokesperson for Jobs Lah revealed efforts to attract talent with specialized skills that are in short supply. The representative told 8World, “Some employers have reported challenges in finding suitable candidates due to the specific skills required. We have therefore focused on drawing in such talents to our platform and encouraging them to complete their resumes.”

While AI offers significant advantages, some experts caution about the potential pitfalls of AI-generated resumes. A human resources specialist expressed concerns to 8World, noting, “From an employer’s perspective, if resumes become too uniform due to AI generation, it might reduce the chances of standing out and being invited for an interview.”

Experts believe that when used judiciously, AI technology can greatly enhance the recruitment process. It not only saves employers time by efficiently screening candidates but also aids job seekers in optimizing their resumes, improving their chances of finding suitable matches.

However, the human touch in crafting unique and personalized resumes remains crucial to catch the attention of employers and secure interviews.

As AI continues to evolve, its role in recruitment is likely to expand, making job searches more efficient while posing new challenges that both job seekers and employers will need to navigate.