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22-year-old SMU student arrested for molesting a 20-year-old woman while she was sleeping




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Yesterday, January 8, a 22-year-old Singapore Management University (SMU) student was arrested following allegations that he molested a 20-year-old woman while she was sleeping. If convicted of aggravated outrage of modesty, the student could be caned and could face two to ten years in prison.

According to another media source, the police were called about a case of “aggravated outrage of modesty” taking place at 90 Stamford Road at around 6:30AM on Tuesday.

The incident of molestation happened on campus, in a group study room located in the SMU School of Economics. A photograph making its way around online sites and chat groups showed the room in question, roped off with official police tape. The only detail of note is that there was a black jacket lying on a table.

There is no information available on how the alleged victim, who is not a student of the SMU, was able to enter the room. It is also unclear what she was doing there at that time, as another media source reported that bookings for the group study rooms at the School of Economics are only available from 8AM to 10PM.

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There are other details that are still unknown, such as whether the victim knew the student who attacked her. It is said that he used criminal force against her while she was asleep.

The 20-year-old victim has refused to answer questions or be interviewed on the incident.

The 22-year-old business student who molested her is apparently the events director of an outreach group at SMU that specifically helps children in need overseas.

More details should be made available after ongoing police investigations; however, a spokesman for SMU has confirmed the incident but said that the university declined to comment.

Should he be found guilty, the suspect can be caned and may face two to ten years in jail  for aggravated outrage of modesty.

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