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2017 was a year of laughters




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Yes, minnows do make it to a cover.  Talking points to the spread.  Tan Chuan-Jin : Speaker of Parliament, was this a demotion?  Josephine Teo :  takes a small space to make babies.  Desmond Lee : young lawyer who chairs family matters.

The Lee Debacle : The Most Impactful Event

June 14.  Singaporeans of all walks of life were shell shocked.   LSL’s siblings, LSY and LWL, posted a 6-page statement :   “What has happened to LKY’s values?”  Added, that they have “lost confidence “ in their brother and they “ do not trust him.”

The statement was online at a soft moment – LSL was on holidays.  However, within the day, LSL responded, on these accusations :  Denied the allegations and expressed disappointment that his siblings chose to publicise a private family affair.

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Home in Singapore, past events and unsettled details unfolded fast and furious.  Rebuttals of the allegations were made within hours of the assertions.  We were all riveted to our seats.  Coffee shop talk was abuzz.

The heat was on the last will, the insertion of the demolition clause, a Deed of Gift to the National Heritage Board, Ho Ching, having no official appointment, acted beyond her call, the secret Ministerial Committee on 38 Oxley Road, the Ministerial Statement and the Parliamentary debates, the assertion on the abuse of power.  And so on.

Part 1 concluded with LSY and LSF leaving Singapore for Hong Kong, indefinitely, and that AG is looking into Li Shengwu’s facebook account, to friends.

Yet, none of our no.1 family members made it to the cover.  To add insult to injury, a distraction was created.  Smacked in the middle :  38 Oxley Road.

SMRT Disruptions : The Most Telling Event.

Our MRT is very sick.  For months.  One big happening after another.

Infamous firsts.  1) Tunnel flooding.  Individual equipment was working but system did not kick in.  Affected 250,000 commuters, for 20 hours.  2) Lightening strike the train.  No, not as first reported,   track side equipment was affected.  3) All 3 MRT lines had disruptions on the same day.  What a coincidence.  4) Downtown Line 3 suffers track fault on first day of soft launch and experience train delays on opening day. 5) Commuters were faced with weekly train delays (and platform closures).  So frequently that, no longer were these news worthy.

Two trains collided.  Yes, but not as first announced, the trains came in “contact.”  38 commuters were injured.  Months earlier, trains were quietly shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs (under warranty), because of cracks.  Was alerted by Hong Kong media.

Two individuals were at the centre of the happenings – SMRT Desmond Quek and MOT/LTA Khaw Boon Wan.  Commuters’ cry was loud and clear.  Resign!   More arrows were fired at DQ than KBW.  But only Mr Fix-It was pictured and written.  Where is the lead man?  Baffling!

Can they be taken seriously?

Jairus Lau

This is a user contributed piece

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