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10 things you shouldn’t be doing during the Hungry Ghost Festival, says TikTok user

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TikTok user @devilwearsbrata gives netizens a crash course on how to stay safe from ghosts during the Hungry Ghost Festival

SINGAPORE: Stay safe from ghosts during the Hungry Ghost Festival. How? TikTok user @devilwearsbrata gave netizens a crash course on how to stay safe from ghosts during the seventh month.

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Here’s her list of 10 things you should not do during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

1. “Do not stay out late at night.”

“The ghosts roaming around get stronger with the Yin energy from the moon at night so when you walk around, you have higher chance of getting possessed,” she explained.

2. “You should not wait at the bus stop alone late at night.” Why? “Ghosts require transport too, and they have a special bus waiting for them,” the video creator said. “So when you’re waiting alone, there are chances the ghost might follow you back home.”

3. “You shouldn’t travel or go on a vacation. When you travel during the seventh month, there are chances of you getting bad luck.”

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4. Avoid standing near water bodies. “Walking near water bodies might allow the vengeful spirit to drag you into the water replacing them.”

5. Do not pick up strange things from the floor. “Even if you find money, try not to pick it up during the seventh month as it might belong to a ghost.”

6. “Do not look behind at night. If you feel a sudden coldness, there might be a ghost behind you so stay calm and walk ahead.”

7. If you think someone is calling your name, do not respond, turn or look behind. “The Chinese believe that there are two torches of light on your shoulders,” the TikTok user explained. “So when you turn back, there will be an imbalance of Yin and Yang allowing the ghost to attack you. And when you answer them and they call their name, you are actually giving them permission to enter your body.”

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8. Avoid getting “bangs” during this time of the year. “Chi energy, otherwise known as life energy is concentrated on your forehead,” said @devilwearsbrata. “So when you get bangs, you are actually blocking the chi energy, allowing ghosts to enter your body easily.”

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9. Do not wear heels at night. “By wearing heels, you are actually being elevated from the ground, allowing ghosts from the underworld to attack you,” she explained.

10. “Do not shave or cut your hair during the seventh month. The Chinese believe that every strand of hair protects you from ghosts, so when you cut your hair or shave your hair, you’re actually decreasing your chance of protection from ghosts.”

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