Entertainment Haunted MRT stations in Singapore: TikTok creator lists spooky places

Haunted MRT stations in Singapore: TikTok creator lists spooky places

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Bishan, Novena, Woodleigh, Lakeside and Yishun on TikTok user's list of "haunted" MRT stations.


SINGAPORE: A content creator recently uploaded a video of haunted MRT stations in Singapore, just in time for Ghost Month.

“Since it’s the ghost month, I’ll be sharing some haunted MRT stations in Singapore,” TikTok user @daltonrj said in a recent video.

@daltonrj Urban legends of these MRT Stations #sgtiktok #viral #haunted ♬ Creepy simple horror ambient(1270589) – howlingindicator

First on his list was Bishan MRT Station. “Bishan MRT station and the area around it was built over the former Pek San Theng cemetery and it actually covered a pretty large area,” he explained. “Legend has it that at the old platforms of Bishan MRT towards the north, you would see headless figures walking around at night–specifically the last train timings. And it was also reported that maintenance staff would see coffin bearers from the tunnels between Bishan MRT to Novena MRT station.”

Second was Novena MRT station. “Similar to the Bishan MRT station, it is built over the former Jewish cemetery,” the content creator explained. “Over here it was reported that people would see headless apparitions and phantom passengers on the last trains of the day and passengers who did not cast a reflection on the windows of the train were a common sight.”

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Third on his list was Woodleigh MRT station. “Once again, it’s built beneath a cemetery-specifically Bidadari. The station was completed in 2003 but wasn’t open to passengers til 2011 and throughout the years, the train would just zoom past this MRT station,” he said. “And in the past, passengers would see ghostly apparitions on the platform as the train is going by.”

The content creator added his own personal experience in the station, saying, “Back when I was a kid, I was on the NEL and the train was passing by Woodleigh and I would look out to see this train station because, well, it was closed, right, and I was curious. And then I saw this old uncle at the platform walking around and I was so confused because I knew the station was closed. So I asked my parents and I pointed to the uncle like ‘Do you see that uncle over there? How is the uncle inside there?’ And my parents were like ‘What uncle?’

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And I was like ‘He’s there in plain sight to me at least.’ But to them they didn’t see so I was like ‘Okay.'”

Teck Lee LRT station was fourth on the list. “This LRT station has been built since 2004 and has never been opened since,” he shared. “There’s a lot of overgrowth of plants on the station itself. Even the MRT signage and board inside has never been changed. It has remained the same since. Since it’s covered by large vegetation and pretty much nobody comes here at all, what do you think resides here?”

Lakeside MRT station came fifth, with the content creator adding, “Apparently it’s a common sighting to see the Pontianak over there. Like she would frequently fly around the area hanging out on the trees and things like that and some recount seeing a white cloth on the tree near the station so there’s one person that decided to take a picture of it and found that there were a pair of red eyes staring into the camera.”

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The sixth on the list was Yishun MRT station. “Okay it isn’t exactly at Yishun MRT station but it’s near the tracks of Yishun MRT,” he clarified. “It’s actually by this temple along the tracks specifically the area by the hill side of the tracks. This hill was once a cemetery and in 2007 there was a very heavy rain and it caused a landslide. And this landslide kind of revealed a lot of forgotten urns and they contained human remains aka bones, which is buried under the hill. So to cover it up, they kind of just put concrete over the hill.”

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Before ending the video, the content creator bid everyone goodbye, saying, “That’s it for now. Stay safe everyone.”

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