SINGAPORE: A woman hired as a strategy analyst eight months ago only to be laid off shortly after is documenting her unemployed life on TikTok.

Ms Natalie, who goes by @ngnatnat on the platform, said she was hired right after she graduated and “really enjoyed” her job, but “unfortunately, the good times were short-lived.”


long-awaited #tech #layoffs / #unemployment storytime. I share about my time at my previous firm, my seeminngly lux life in the last two videos haha & everything else about this journey, cheers

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And indeed, the job had a lot going for it—a nice office, supportive mentorship, good colleagues, and socials—but “the global economic situation and the over-hiring” during the Covid-19 pandemic ended with many layoffs, especially in the tech sector.

The TikToker’s management association program was cut, she added.

However, she did not land without a safety net, and like many of her laid-off colleagues, she received a good severance and benefits, which she acknowledged was not the norm.

“I do really want to give the company credit for doing right by us,” she said.

Ms Natalie then addressed netizens from her last two videos, who said that her lifestyle was “seemingly luxe,” as she posted a video of going to the gym and fitness classes, getting coffee, and eating out.

She added, however, that most days are spent at home working on her job applications and preparing for interviews, and she showed two post-it notes that say, “I can achieve my goals” and “I can find a good job,” perhaps to bolster her self-confidence.

Commenters on her video also sought to encourage her, especially those who’ve had the same experience.


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