The Caltex Drama Continues

Photo: Kelly Yeo, Facebook

Obbana Rajah

When Kelly Yeo first posted pictures of the BMW owner and of his car in her Facebook post, it was shared by another Facebook user, causing the post to go viral rapidly.

However, following the whole episode, Willie has since removed the post that she shared.

A reporter messaged her asking why she removed the initial post. Willie then shared screenshots of their conversation with the caption, “Mr f, we can choose to be interviewed and talk cock like u did. But hor, i refused to be as low as u”.

In her exchange with the reporter, Willie claimed that the BMW driver, Freddy Foong was “playing the victim card and threaten[ing] to sue ms Kelly and undyingly harassing [her], for sharing the post”.

She also explained that many others were harassing her on Facebook.

With regards to the original Facebook post, Willie added that she removed the post from her Facebook page as she did “not wish to affect the driver’s family members”.

While the attention on the Caltex issue has somewhat died down, Willie’s post shows that the air has not been totally cleared.

Netizens hardly seem to be in favour of Willie’s actions.


  1. Whether was miscommunication or not
    The driver did have more than $10 petrol in his car
    He should just pay the correct amount of $135
    And lodged a complaint to Caltex and claim from company.

    Did Kelly said driver cheated?
    Not that I have read. She simply shared what she has witnessed.

  2. Sharing post is not an issue, we netizens are not that dumb to believe every post, so these people who worry about false news spreading is totally uncalled for(probably belongs to mr f gang), we are able to identify if these are fake or genuine bully case.
    The isse here is somebody have to speak up to let everyone aware of such incident and such act, and not many are as brave as Kelly and Willie.
    Those who criticized are coward who wouldn’t do anything when they saw someone being con or bully.