Suicidal foreign woman strips and walks naked along Upper Boon Keng Rd


By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond

The Chinese media reported that a naked foreign woman was seen walking along Upper Boon Keng Rd in the early morning of Sunday (17 Jul). It reported that the woman was from Vietnam (

It said that witnesses first saw a woman got down from a taxi with her luggage.

Moments later, she suddenly lost control of herself and started to take off her clothes piece by piece.

Then she started walking along the road shouting in Mandarin.

The witnesses tried to stop her from walking naked on the road. They tried to talk her into going onto the pavement.

The naked woman ignored them and continued walking.

According to witnesses, the woman seemed to be deliberately trying to get herself hit by oncoming vehicles.

Video of the incident was captured by one of the witnesses.

Later, the woman was seen blocking a taxi as well as a lorry in the middle of the road.

Instead of giving way to the vehicles turning, she simply continued walking as if she couldn’t care less if the vehicles would hit her.

The witnesses once again tried calling out to her to prevent her from getting hit by vehicles. She didn’t respond.

The police arrived later and covered up the woman. As they were doing so, the woman continued to shout.

The police confirmed that the incident did happen. A police spokesperson said, “Police received a call at about 5.19am requesting for assistance along Upper Boon Keng Road. Upon arrival, it was established that a case of attempted suicide had occurred at the said location.”

“A 24-year-old woman has been arrested in relation to the case. Police investigations are ongoing,” he added.

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