Facebook user Lawrence Chong shared the pictures of a crane boom of a lorry crashing into a shelter linkway located between Block 504 and 506 of Bukit Batok East Street 52. The pictures shared by the user showed that there was significant damage to the structure. The incident happened today at about 2.50pm.

The incident is strangely similar to another accident which also happened in Bukit Batok a month ago, on 17 Jun. A sheltered walkway at Block 116 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 collapsed after the crane boom of a lorry crashed into it.
2The user’s pictures showed that the officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Police were at the site of the accident.
4Although the covered walkway did not collapse like the one in the earlier incident did, but there seem to be significant damage to the structure of the shelter.
3It is unclear if anyone was injured in the accident, or if there are any other damages besides the damage to the covered walkway.