Straits Times finds commuters who dismiss train disruptions as “not bad” amidst massive rail breakdown

picture credit: Goh Meng Seng

After a flooded MRT tunnel and trackside fire caused a massive train disruption on the North-South Line (NSL) yesterday and today, the Straits Times interviewed commuters who dismissed the breakdown as “not bad.”

A commuter, Dr Jeremy Chan who was commuting from Braddell to Serangoon yesterday said that he was not upset and that it was usual to have delays.

Another commuter, 33-year-old commodity manager Tan Yean Shi told the newspaper that although the disruptions were “a bit troublesome,” she was not upset because it was normal to have delays. She said the situation was “not bad.”

Ms Tan also complimented the MRT staff who were assisting the affected commuters inside and outside the stations.

ST’s report of the incidents was also headlined “More rain expected in many areas today,” and did not highlight the failure of the train system. Other publications in contrast rightly pointed to the two incidents which caused the massive failure yesterday evening, which lasted until this morning.

SMRT reported yesterday that water got into a section of the tunnel from Bishan to Braddell MRT stations during the heavy downpour in the afternoon, and that as a result train services were stopped between Bishan and Toa Payoh stations at about 5.30pm as a precaution.

In a separate incident, a small fire was spotted trackside in the tunnel between Marina Bay and Raffles Place MRT stations at 5.55pm on the same day.

Commuters who commented about the incident on TODAY’s Facebook however contradicted the commuters interviewed by ST.

Mahesh Shelke commented on TODAY’s report of the incident in their Facebook and said: “I suffered as well due to this disruption and still have not reached halfway to my destination. Saw many commuters especially child and elders found difficulty at bus stop to board bus due to huge crowd. I strongly feel that alternative MRT system should b build up. As a developed nation how u feel the tourist and daily commuters stranded due to inability to foresee or plan the alternative rail network by our administrators?”

Other commuters vented their anger at Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

Mary Tan said: “Please sack the people action party transport minister khaw boon wan as he failed his ministry very badly until the world have looked down on singapore. Is that the main reason why china choose malacca instead of singapore to build a billion dollars harbour? If continue to breakdown ,will all investors start to leave singapore as they give up people action party minister failures with multiple breakdown in the future?”

Weng Zhe Yu: “Flooded tunnels considered part of signal testing right Mr Kbw? Very impressive to have this scenario covered in ur Testing as well. No wonder u r paid millions.”

Pictures of how flooding kept trains at bay is circulating in social media.

Someone's head must roll surely this time round!?

Posted by Gilbert Goh on Saturday, 7 October 2017

Train services along the North-South Line (NSL) from Ang Mo Kio to Newton resumed at 1.50pm today.


  1. The drainage system in the tunnels are not given maintenance priority and often neglected by both Operators as being informed by reliable source inside THE companies. Periodical test run Is half heartedly done. In essence SG has 2 poor operators that linked to the govt investment corporations. Bottom line is profit

  2. What to anger, the G have no sad feeling for Singaporeans, as long as their upper class world allowance into their account n spouse happy no complaints they are peaceful, you Singaporeans can feel bad now is okay , just before next GE the train will be perfect good n the 70% support vote will be con again n wayang play start…

    • Even more issues if kbw go ! The previous previous transport minister holding so much pay in the 1990s , 2000s , 2010 should be managing and foreseeing such issues and Ensure maintenance of transport infrastructure ! KBW damn pathetic , resolve healthcare issues as healthcare minister , resolve hdb bto issues as housing minister , now resolving shit left by precedents of lousy high paying minister haha kbw must be thinking why I so most suay life minister haha! Do so much work get so much scoldings while learning same as those good life eat well minister million dollar minister ! Haha should recruit more ministers like kbw and sack all lousy useless ministers who did nth much but reaping the money during good times ! Problems just dun surface within a night !it take decades and years to surface !

  3. 70% may not understand why we 30% keep calling you stupid and suckers!

    Look! If you have voted more oppositions into Parliment, your damn screwed up lives now would have spoken up by oppositions and improved when there are questions to agree and to disagree.
    Now you stupids, voted pap – just giving them absolute power to do whatever they can – they are not even sorry you get stuck in the train – hungry, angry, frustrated and pisses off! Remember that!

  4. ST journalists r like PAP. They distort popular sentiments. I recall decades ago when d black panther escaped from d zoo. Bcos d CEO of Sg zoo wete pally with d press…yhey reported dat d panther was love sick n looking for a mate. The report painted the Zoo staff in positive light. Take reports of interviews conducted by our media with a scoopful of salt

  5. Those who should be sackes are the middle aged PMETs and Management that hides the truth from the top, and work the bottom like slaves. These people from the post boomers generation are inaept, incapable, and are only focused on their careers.

  6. Why our PM did not summon KBH to task. This is a huge disaster for our transport system. According to my MRT friend the drainage sucker were not well maintained and checked by technical engineer. Luckily that tunnel were not deep unlike Raffles city, a nine storey deep station with retails outlet. It can turn into a sea of death.

  7. If he had not bragged about how much our train system has improved since he took office despite statistics showing otherwise, I would have let this latest incident pass without a second thought. Now he made a fool of himself and once again confirm the party as one that “ownself check/clear/pass/praise ownself”. Come 2020.

  8. Karma is here, PAP government screwed us with Selected President, Providence above is screwing them with the rain ☔️. AMK GRC is helmed by the PM , is affected by the flood in MRT tunnel.

  9. People’s action party…. they only take ACTION ON THE PEOPLE! fines summons…. U name it! When it’s time to harakiri, fking KBW and it’s dogs will say it happens once every 50 years

  10. Transport minister is not like Mr Lui How you scolded him he will give you the excuses but will not step down as a minister Good salary & exchange rate to ringgit will make him a billionaire
    Spore MRT service is really a laughing joke
    alway break down Now flooded inside the tunnel
    where is the drainage
    High salary civil staffs but cannot produce Good result

  11. Is it “fake”news from the 151st ranked Shit Times? Commuters said “not bad”?? Maybe this “stupid” commuters were told that this is a new “man-made” waterfall being tested in all mrt tunnels by the Shit Times I guess..

  12. Why have to pay millions of blood $$ to the inexperienced Penang old dog to be the Transport minister & to let him spent multi millions $$ for our transport system & yet getting worse ??

  13. It is common of one to be consistently screw in their anal to find oral sex as not that bad …..
    In actual fact , the situation is far worse than you think . Humanity has actually lost their sense of deduction to have find flooding in the tunnel as not that bad ? Screw you …,,,

  14. Oh Dear! It is getting from Bad To Worse! It is quite clear that “The New System” is faulty. It is going to take a long time to overcome these problems. I feel for the “The True Blue Singaporeans”. Many cannot afford their own transports and depend on the trains and buses. Now the trains keep breaking down, the buses are crowded. It just makes life more stressed than it already is.

  15. Here train traumatised by water pump not well maintain but the honourable Minister Mr.Kwaw enjoying his honourable invitation to honor fire walking on sunday. Is fire walking more important than people traumatized by not having a train to travel

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