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Singer at getai event where “Ang Soon Tong” and other gang slogans were shouted arrested




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A Malaysian singer who performed at a recent getai event where shouts of “Ang Soon Tong” were recorded has been arrested. The singer, known by his stage name “Wei Zong” is now out on bail but is still in the country to aid with police investigations.

Wei Zong was detained at the Police Cantonment Complex for six hours, and the man who organized the getai was held for questioning for more than two hours.

In a now removed Facebook post, Wei Zong claimed that he did not know it was against the law to yell gang slogans, and that he was going to the police station, where he hoped proceedings would occur with no problems.

Police investigations are still ongoing as to the reported gang-related incident during the getai event, which occurred in Yishun.

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A video uploaded on Singapore Uncensored’s Facebook page showed people chatting gang slogans, which caught the attention of the authorities.

Singapore Uncensored first showed the video on September 10. It has since been viewed over 62,000 times and shared more than 1000 times.


The getai–or live musical performance usually held to celebrate the Ghost Festival occurred on September 7, at Block 101 Yishun Avenue 5. The video footage, which is 35 seconds long, shows some people singing on stage, and a crowd of men and women singing along with them. More men than women are present, many of whom are standing and singing along.

At one point in the video a man’s voice is heard shouting “Ang Soon Tong” more than once.

The Shin Min Daily News reported that the event that night was a dinner party of Zhongyuanhui song, co-chaired by “Bilingual Queen” Li Peifen and “Imitation King” Blue Sky. Singing that night were “Global Weinanese Song Composer Champion” Yu Yanshan and Ma Guoji Wang “Black” Wei Zong.

The shouting of gang slogans seems to be the cause of the investigation, since Ang Soon Tong is a notorious secret gang who have had operations in Singapore as well as Malaysia. The gang has been in existence since the 1950s, and has been implicated in drugs, illegal moneylending, illegal gambling and smuggling.

Netizens expressed concern at the incident

Others wondered if public officials or other dignitaries had been present at the event

Others showed concern over the location where the incident happened

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