Singaporean woman says living in China better than in Singapore

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Nicole Ling took to Facebook to talk about “the real communist state,” surprisingly referring to Singapore. The netizen has been living in China of late and decided to expose on social media the difference between living in the two countries.

First, she talked about the absence of government interference. According to Ms. Ling, people can say and do whatever they want to, especially good things such as starting charities, building shcools, and rescuing animals.

She further notes that while regulations are strict, this is actually “a great thing for social order and public safety,” and talks about how safe she feels when she walks around at night.

Ms. Ling also talks about the people of China—how friendly and helpful they are, how efficient and autonomous the people in the service industry are “no need to ask for permission from higher management like Singaporeans.” Moreover, when asking for help from people on the street and they find out that you’re a foreigner, apparently they treat you very well indeed. “Smiling faces and patience are everywhere!” Ms. Ling writes.

She then goes on to compare this with the situation in Singapore, wherein she alleges that “EVERYTHING involves all kinds of government requirements and control.” This includes such simple things as resting an animal, and extends to complex matters like buying a house.

She also make the point that government grants allocated for training actually kill creativity, and  “the freedom to think and the liberty to exercise self-automony (sic).”

Ms Ling ends her post with, “Now you know who is the REAL communist state!!”

After living among the locals and soaking in the daily culture of China, I realised the real communist state is one I've…

Posted by Nicole Ling on Friday, 14 September 2018

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