Singaporean woman assaults parents in front of police officers, spews vulgarities and tears up statement

Sng Yu Qin faces 8 charges in court

A 33-year-old Singaporean, Sng Yu Qin, faced eight charges in court yesterday after she assaulted her own parents in front of police officers, hurled vulgarities at the officers and tore up the statement her parents had given to the officers earlier this year.

According to the Chinese daily, the police were called to a flat at Block 200 Toa Payoh North on May 11 around 6pm where Sng was found hitting her parents over a dispute.

Sng reportedly hit her mother’s head and back before kicking her groin area. She also kicked her father in the chest before officers arrived at the scene.

When the officers advised Sng to stop, she hit her mother again in front of the officers and abused the officers with obscene language before tearing up a written statement Staff Sergeant Gerald Ng Yong Sheng had recorded from one of her victims.

Sng was charged with three counts of assaulting civilians, four counts of using abusive words on police officers and one count of obstructing a policeman from carrying out his duties.

She was charged along with eight others, between the ages of 20 and 66, who used abusive language against or hurt police officers in separate cases. She will likely return to court again next month.


The Singapore Police Force said in a media statement on Tuesday:

“The Police take a serious view against persons who obstruct Police officers from carrying out their duties or cause them harm. While policing is a profession not without its risks and hazards, the Police have zero tolerance towards such acts of violence towards Police officers or public servants who are carrying out their duties and will not hesitate to take action against those who blatantly disregard the law and harm Police officers.”


    • Yes that may be so ! But I also believe a child is the product of her upbringing . So what kind of an upbringing has she gone through to be so hostile to both the parent?

  1. Ingratitude of the highest degree. When you were born..your parents love and care for you. Giving you the best they can. They showers you with all the love all parents in the world would. Now that you are grown up…you find fault..give them problems. .and worst of scold them vulgarities. And only animals can assault their own parents…but you are a human. ..and yet you assault your parents. You are worst than animals can behave. If there is someone who can punish you for all your misdeeds. ..there is non other then retribution. Hope your children will treat you as you treat your parents. If you don’t have children…then I hope the children of this world will give the same treatment when you are old and weak…what goes round…comes around. You will have your dessert soon.

  2. Juz like a “Dishonourable Son” (sounds familiar)…. here we have “Dishonourable Daughter” ……… Almost copy & paste but with different gender & approach!!!

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  4. We as children to the parents are NOT allowed to beat parents, no matter how serious the case is. But they as our parents, they have the right to beat their children even we are grown up.

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  9. This case will bring big dispute in our society & should bring her straight to loh Kup first & then see top judges of the land in presence of President / PM!!

  10. I am sure this is not the first time she is hitting her parents and that should have become a habit all along. Sometimes, we can’t see things on the surface. Parents also have to play a part.

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