Singapore Police Rapid Deployment Troops bikes crash into one another on PIE


Two bikes carrying a pair of Rapid Deployment Troops from the Singapore Police Force each crashed into one another on the Pan-Island Expressway towards Changi near the Eunos exit yesterday, 10 March.

Rapid Deployment Troops are a part of the Singapore Police Force’s elite Special Operations Command unit. Personnel who are part of the Troops support Emergency Response Teams and Land Division police officers during terrorist-related incidents here. Such personnel make use of Tactical Response Motorcycles to quickly weave between vehicles to reach incident sites as soon as possible.

In a dashboard camera footage of the accident yesterday, two such motorbikes can be seen knocking into one another. Both bikes and the four officers could have been run over by oncoming traffic if the driver behind them did not brake in time:

This is not the first time personnel from the Rapid Deployment Troops took a tumble on Singapore roads. Just late last month, on 25 Feb, two officers fell off the bike when their bike stopped at a traffic light along Orchard Boulevard:

UPDATE: The Police have revealed in a statement that two of the officers involved in the crash on 10 March have sustained minor injuries: “We would like to thank the public for their concern. Two police officers sustained light injuries and have received outpatient treatment. No other persons were injured.”

Traffic police investigations are ongoing.


  1. This website – please report news but not with the intention of slighting these brace young man. I am not saying you do, but do some soul searching. Otherwise, you will be found to have some insidious agenda – reporting divides, whether one group vs another, one race vs another, local vs foreigner, or people vs these brave young men.

  2. What to expect? U pay peanuts U get monkeys. All these guys are NSF. They only just passed their Bike license. Hire some professionals lah. Govt every time want to save cost except their own salaries.

  3. Wow…

    At traffic light also can fall huh!!!

    May be needs to send for some riding skills training and improve their defensive skills too…

    Riding too close to each other , show lack of judgement of both riders and affected the pillion riders too , risking all lives and pose a very dangerous situation to other road users too…

    LTA should look into the hazards and have some risk assessments for the special forces etc…

  4. While I agree their riding skills need improvement, I really cannot accept the jokes against the riders.

    Those of us who train in the army know the many mistakes we made and it is through practice that we perfect our skills. There are deaths even during training in any armed forces…

    If anyone of you are up to the mark please join the Rapid Deployment Troops and serve the already overtaxed citizens.

    Please spend more time telling that disgraceful lady not to pick on Slyvia Lim on the GST !!

    I also take my reservist training seriously so we are ready to use it to defend our families, not some goons asking for apologies the last few days..

    My two-cents worth. Sorry to hurt your feelings

    • Yes so true Steven. I dont get it why people need turn it into a joke. I have my cousin’s son in SOC and I know how these troopers have to undergo rigorous training. They are highly disciplined too. Let’s give a pat on the back for all our uniform men & women who are out there protecting & guarding this small nation of ours!

    • Neo Steven Neo
      I understand what u mean .. just that I cannot stand people poking fun at them for the incident..

      I am very sure they have to write report on how they crashed into each other… sure kena jialat from the commanding officer.

      No one wants to fail and maybe seriously injure themselves..
      they will surely improve with practice now that this happened..

      The least we could do is show support and encourage them as they will be the very people protecting us, families and friends. And wish them well on the road to recovery..

      Investigations may show the weight of equipment so on and so on and correction to Standard of operation made..

      Even in real operation civilians are injured in friendly fire so we want to keep it to zero level.