Saudi Prince did not have evidence of RM2.6b in Najib’s account

Malaysia’s anti-corruption agency (MACC) suggested the ex-Malaysian premier’s evidence to clear his name in the 1MDB scandal is dubious.

This is in relation to the RM2.6 billion that was found stashed in Najib Razak’s private banking account at the AmBank in Kuala Lumpur.

Watch the video above (in English) to hear the MACC chief Mohd Shukri Abdull on the famous Saudi Arabian prince.

Based on the video statement from the MACC chief, it is now apparent that warrants against a few persons of interest will be out soon.

Whether this will include Najib is not clear yet as the MACC believes it will depend on what they can extract from the two witnesses.

Today, in a media statement, the Shukri said an MP from a northern state in Malaysia and the person who opened the doors of a Saudi palace to the MACC officers are now on the commission’s radar.

But Najib will be in trouble too. The insufficient proof to exonerate himself in the RM2.6 billion found in his account will be a tough call for him.

Today, Najib went to the MACC for the second round of his interrogation by the officers of the anti-corruption agency.

He walked out of the MACC building on Tuesday with directives that he was to come back on Thursday (today).

Najib, who first denied he got any huge funds in his account, later said it was a donation from a Saudi prince.

The money was wired to Najib’s private banking account at the AmBank in Kuala Lumpur. Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journals believes the money comes from the 1MDB.

It would have been routed to Najib’s personal account via a complex network of shell companies in various offshore financial centres.

And this is where proving the money is from 1MDB or the SRC International (which is being investigated currently).

According to various reports, including those from Sarawak Report and The Journal, the money is from SCR International.

After the discovery of the funds in Najib’s account, local newspapers said the Saudi Arabian Foreign Affairs Minister Adel Al-Jubeir confirmed the donation came from S. Arabia.

But Shukri now says the job was badly done since a ‘fixer’ told the MACC to talk to a vague Saudi prince.

In the video above, Shukri said the standards operating procedures were not followed. The MACC was ‘told’ to see a Saudi prince and the doors were opened to the palace by a fixer.

But when the Saudi prince was confronted by MACC officers in Saudi Arabia, no proof of the transfer was given.

The MACC chief said the Saudi prince did not have any evidence at all he wired that amount of money to Najib.

Who is the prince, who is the fixer and who is the member of Parliament of Malaysia who facilitated the MACC to meet the prince?

This is surely one of a hell of a dubious donation story!

Because later on, the same Saudi Foreign Minister said the money was not a donation but was part of a business deal.

And he also said it was ‘NOT’ from the Saudi Government.

See video below: