Popular US news site features Gardens by the Bay in article about Saudi Arabia


Popular US-based news site, VICE, has used a photo of iconic Singapore landmark Gardens by the Bay as the cover photo for a story on an upcoming megacity on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.

The article, titled Saudi Arabia Is Building a $643-Billion, Green-Powered Megacity, has no mention of Singapore or Gardens by the Bay or Singapore anywhere else in the text.

Besides this glaring oversight, the VICE article is also riddled with mistakes. For one, it calls the megacity project “NOEM” repeatedly in the article, when the project is really titled “NEOM.”

Even the website link to NEOM’s website is misspelled as doscovernoem.com instead of the correct discoverneom.com.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the cover photo is a screenshot of NEOM’s promotional video, which is simply a Stock Montage Of Inspiring Things.

Some netizens pointed out the errors to VICE but the article – which was published two days ago, on 25 Oct – remains published and unedited at the time of this story:

It is alarming that the writers and editors of the notable site did not do a basic spellcheck and Google Image search of the landmark before publishing the story.


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