Police get involved as Yishun residents receive harassment letters signed by Lord Voldemort!


In a truly bizarre event, some Yishun residents have been receiving harassment letters signed off by someone claiming to be the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort.

A similar letter that was found in Clementi reveals that a moneylender who calls himself “Lord Voldermort” urges the addressee to harass people who owe him money. If they do not, “Lord Voldermort” will harass the addressee instead.


This letter gave the details of an individual who allegedly owed the moneylender thousands of dollars and who lives in the same block as the address. It stated:

“My name is Lord Voldermort. I am writing this mail to you because you and your family is about to face disturbing events soon.
“Please help me to urge him to pay me what I am supposed to get or I will start harassing YOUR unit.”

The police said today that they had received at least 15 reports at multiple locations. They advised recipients to refrain from replying to the letter or follow instructions, urging them to instead lodge police complaints and hand over the letters.



Nee Soon GRC parliamentarian, Lee Bee Wah also cautioned her residents to take extra precautions and said that the police have increased patrolling in the affected areas.

She also re-posted the following police advisory on her Facebook page:

Some residents have received letters that threaten to harass them. The letters are signed off by "Lord Voldemort"!The…

Posted by Lee Bee Wah on Wednesday, 30 August 2017


  1. Don’t they know that there are lots of CCTV here? They can check where you print, how you print, who put in letterbox. Aiyo… What the the residence did to u until u so desperate of money

  2. This Ah long must be a ardent fan of Harry Potter, it’s his childish side that’s he’s showing, Ah longs are humans after all n we’d never know this Ah long might hold his teddy beat to sleep at night lol

  3. “you and your family is”. Would have thought after so many years of english as a first language made compulsory in our schools, we’d know better than to write shit like this.

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