Motorcyclist Dies after Running Red Light and Crashing into Car


A 27-year-old motorcyclist died from his injuries after colliding with a car at the junction of Still Road, Koon Seng Road and Lorong J Telok Kurau, this week.

The motorcyclist allegedly ran a red light when he crashed into the car making a right turn at the junction. The car driver had the right of way.

Upon impact, the motorcyclist was thrown off his vehicle and over the car. The car driver immediately stopped his vehicle and approached the motorcyclist to help.

The incident was caught on camera:

UPDATE: Motorcyclist has succumbed to his injuries. Deepest condolences to his family.‎"Accident at junction of Still Road & Koon Seng Road on 7/7/17.Hope this video will help the driver as the motorcyclist beat the traffic light by almost 3 seconds. Wishing motorcyclist a speedy and full recovery." ‎Louis Tan‎

Posted by on Saturday, 8 July 2017


The SCDF arrived at the scene to attend to the motorcyclist who succumbed to multiple fractures and head injuries and died at the hospital later in the day.

The police are still investigating the matter.


  1. This is the problem. Drivers and riders seeing amber instead of slowing down and stop, speed up instead. This bad habit had resulted in many deaths and serious injuries. Think TP should expedite installation of the dual functions cameras at all traffic light controlled junctions to make slowing down second nature when approaching junctions.

    • Correct! The rider speeded up when amber and still not able to clear when it turned red. At that speed, ebraked also finished. So went through. Many accidents at junctions happened like this. The new dual function cameras will catch drivers who speed up apart from running the red light.

  2. Poor judgement….. inexperience rider….. there are times you can beat amber light and times you better prepare to stop… depends on how busy the junction and area…. defensive abit

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