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MOH: 17 measles cases found in worker’s dormitory and home for people with special needs

As of July 22, there were 116 reported cases of measles in Singapore in the year 2019.




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Singapore — The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that seventeen individuals were diagnosed with measles during the past weeks. Among those affected include foreign workers living at a Punggol S11 Dormitory and staff and residents at Mindsville@Napiri Hougang, a home for the intellectually disabled.

There were 3 cases discovered at the S11 dormitory with 14 cases found at Mindsville. Of the 14 cases, 12 residents and two staff members were struck with measles.

One Bangladeshi and two Indian migrant workers were among those affected in the Punggol dormitory. The workers’ cases were unrelated, as they lived at different blocks in the dorm and worked at different sites and companies.

The measles cases were reported from June 29 with a spike in numbers during July 16 to 22.

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As of July 22, there were 116 reported cases of measles in Singapore in the year 2019.

Despite the increase in measles cases, the MOH said that “There is currently no evidence of community spread from these cases.”

The MOH added that they are taking the matter seriously and isolating “all suspected measles cases.”

Further precautionary measures include vaccinating those who were in close contact with the infected as well as monitoring their health. The MOH also provided measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccinations to close contacts with no proof of vaccination records.

The MOH urged Singaporeans to be vigilant and practice preventive and hygienic measures to stop the spread of the disease. “As a travel hub, Singapore is likely to see increased cases from importation,” the MOH added.

The MOH instructed that suspected cases of measles must be “promptly isolated and treated.”

Measles are a highly infectious pulmonary viral disease. Symptoms include a runny nose, fever, sore eyes, and a cough. Measles can also be identified by a spreading rash all over the body.

The best way to prevent measles is to get vaccinated at certified polyclinics, general practitioners, and private clinics. /TISG

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